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Lately I started realizing that we are actually moving away from DSLR, once upon a time everyone of us thought owning a DSLR is a must to click good photos. These days its all about videos, drones and a small set of still photos.


I am researching on drones, & came up with a list what I want in my first drone. I am also trying to find a good under water still/video camera with zoom. Currently I am using GoPro 5 and it's one of the best available camera in the market no doubt.

Started with D60 & for last 8+ years using my Nikon D90, with 18-200mm, 18-24mm & 3mm with couple of filters. For videos I use my phone (Pixel 4) with gimble.

Photo editing I use Photoshop Express and for videos PowerDirector.

I will try to keep this page super up-to-date and put latest videos and pics. Comments are welcome.



Debjyoti Das
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Debjyoti Das


Debjyoti Das

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