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I like everything about beach, the sounds, sun, palm trees, watching waves or just sit at a beach and looking at it feels like meditation to me, it clears my head. Watching sunset, taking pictures, playing with kids. I like water sports or other under water activities including scuba diving.

My other half is from an island nation Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, had visited the beautiful island a few times, enjoyed every moment, the food, culture. I enjoyed under sea walking, Parasailing, 2 seater open airplane, coral watching & Scuba diving. I saw my first ocean turtle in Mauritius.

Key West, Florida is another lovely island I love, currently Caribbean islands is on top of the list.


Enjoy the sunrise timelapse taken at Myrtle beach, the closest beach from us. The gorgeous effect comes at 00:52 seconds, but I suggest you watch the whole video and keep on eye from where sun will rise. Enjoy!

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