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Dnyan's Birthday

To my sweet little bundle of joy, to our little Dnyan...

Dnyan's 2nd Birthday
In your first year, You were the sweetest of all
In your second year, You have grown a little tall
When you were a newborn, You were cute as a button
Although you have grown, You are still my charming one.
Stay the way you are, Take everyone’s breath away
Turning two is a big task;
Growing up is a big ask;
Being a baby is all fun and play
Growing up makes the fun go away.
Two years old, and still growing
Your antics are endlessly charming.
Your gibberish lingo is so adorable
Sweetheart, you are so, so special
You are not a baby anymore, You are a handsome toddler dude
All you need to now learn is, how to eat your own food
You are not tiny anymore, You are on your way to become a young boy
You are not an infant anymore, You are a man in the making
Congratulations for turning two, Have fun celebrating
One plus one equals two
And that is how tiny are you
Two plus two equals four
Very very soon that big, you’ll grow
Until that happens, Be little and sweet
Enjoy your smashing Birthday treat
You are just two, But you are so smart
You are so young, But your antics are tart
Your size is small,But you want to scale new heights
On you, superstar, Everyone has their sights
You take advantage Of your cuteness
But that gives us much happiness
You make most of your lovely face
When you break something, You seek an embrace
You know where our Weakness lies
You cast a spell on us With your magical eyes
You have a magic wand in your little hand
For you make everyone smile, even if it’s just for a while
Your eyes have a dazzle, Which makes you so special
Your charm has a soothing quality, Happy Birthday to you sweetie
May the rest of your life be as sweet as your second birthday
May you always be so beautiful that you take everyone’s breath away
May your growing years be blessed with health and happiness
May your childhood be filled with memories which become priceless!!

Happy Birthday Dnyan!!!

To my sweet little boy who turns TWO today..
Dnyan's 2nd Birthday
"A Two Year Old"

A two year old is so many things.
A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings.
A hugger of teddies, a sweet sleepy head.
And someone to dream for in bright years ahead.
A special new person who right from the start,
has a place in the family and a coarse in your heart.
And just when you think you've learned all the things,
that your dear son is,and the joy that he brings,
a hug or a grin comes with such a sweet surprise,
that love finds you smiling with tears in your eyes.
-Author - Unknown

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