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Camping - Cheraw State Park

Last weekend we enjoyed our first camping in 2014, did not want to take any chance, hence one of our regular, Cheraw State Park, SC, USA. Atanu, Monideepa & Ayush joined 4D(Debjyoti, Devina, Dyuman & Dnyan). This is definitely not a great photo, i moved my face during long shutter speed, hence the ghost effect came in my face...I think the effect was done by my hair.

Anyways...the best photo of the trip I guess, Atanu, me and Devina were chatting around 11 pm, the sky was not so bright...but as I said, I could click much better than this, din try my best. 

The feeling was great, I think we chatted till 2 am, then call it a day.

Georgia Aquarium

And the complete album...

Kids had a great time, here is a glimpse...

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