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Dyuman's BDay

This year, we had totally different plans for Dyuman's birthday celebrations.  Instead of the usual mom and kid style, we decided to spice it up with an outdoor experience for the birthday boy, his guests and their families.  We booked a picnic spot at one of our favourite hangouts, the Andrew Jackson park and with it, 2 boars for our guests to enjoy on the lake.  Being Easter Eve, we had an egg-hunt and kids were so excited about their finds. They were also busy playing in the play park and having a great time. Meanwhile parents enjoyed the location, boat ride, and yummy food!!!  Everybody had a blastful day, complimenting us on the venue.  Luckily, the weather was in our favour and the day ended as beautifully as it started.

And here is the birthday gift, Dyuman's first pets - Fishi Kapoor & Happy Singh.

Dyuman's first pets

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