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Washington DC

The last long distance trip with Mamoni was to US capital Washington DC, house to many historical monuments, the white house, pentagon, Capitol Hill building among others. All the monuments, Washington memorial, Lincoln memorial, the War memorial, all within walking distance. Washington also has lots interesting museums which are very entertaining as well as educative, not only for kids, but also for adults.

We visited the Air & Space Museum which has all original equipment and gears which had really been out in space. So, as usual, here is the photo of the trip.

Air & Space Museum, Washington DC

On the day we visited Washington, the city was hosting the 100th anniversary of girls scout. A big concert was taking place right at the Washington memorial, where lots of celebrities including Justin Bieber were performing live for the millions of girls scout from all over the states.

And here is where I personally enjoyed most...Dont miss this museum if you are in DC...

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