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Rimpi's Wedding

My li'l sister rimpi's (oka Ipshita) wedding held on 8th March 2012 in my native town, Karimganj, Assam, India...We tried our best to have a reunion with all cousin sisters, brothers and relatives. Most of them could make it happen, all though few could not due to unavoidable circumstances...Anyways...Thanks to all for making it successful event.
As a photographer, I am not so satisfied with the clicks, as being elder brother, I had a lot other resposibilities, but still managed to click few beautiful photos. Though I always try to publish once complete bundle is ready, but because of public demand I had to release these sets.
Important notes -
  • I am still processing all photos, will keep updating these albums periodically over next few days.
  • Videos yet to touch, once done, you shall get everything on this page, so keep an eye here.
  • When you click on any album, a new window will get opened. Please close/ignore that window, come back to this window, the slide show should have started by then. Enjoy the slide show on this page.
  • If you need high resolution photo, please note down photo names and email me the request, I shall send original photos asap. [Fact - You might already know that you get smaller version of photo if downloaded from Picasa, most of the case its perfectly fine.]
Grandfather Mountain
Tried heard to divide these into groups(albums), liking secondary and primary based on your mood...Believe me, many times you may like secondary more than primary...
Set 1
And here is the secondary album...I still not satisfied with the name, all the pics close to my heart....Met all my lovely sisters, brothers, relatives after long long time...
Set 2
Set 3

As I said, more you go down, more interesting the photos are...for example check out 'set 4' ...especially from photo #23 to #29 ...Keep clicking and watch all these (up to 29), then come back to #23, look at these photos again, but concentrate only on Gungun's (li'l baby) reaction...

Set 4

Your comments...Please let me know if the albums are missing any important event/people/else.