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The first long distance trip with mamoni(my mom) to Atlanta, mainly to Georgia Aquarium. The spur trip was decided at 4:30pm friday and we left at 6:30pm. Took around 4 hours including a dinner break, checked into the hotel by 11pm. Had breakfast after a sound sleep to reach the aquarium around 10am.

Mamoni & Dyuman had really a good time, and so we are. The last we visited Georgia Aquarium during mid 2007 and dyuman was about one and half year old.

So, as usual, here is the photo of the trip.

Georgia Aquarium

And the complete album...

We also spend few hours around downtown, clicking few pictures, visited CNN building, Buford Dam (Lake Lanier) and also met one of our friend Sidharth, Bhakti, Shubham and Shibham.

So trip's other photos are stacked on this album.

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