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Myrtle Beach

A morning in Myrtle beach

Had a wonderful 3 days in Myrtle beach with my wife and kid...After long time we were at beach...and really Myrtle beach has much more than what we expected. Excited about being in east coast...Got up early...took my gears and drive into the beach while my wife and kid both were sleeping, din want to disturb t them. This is one of the pictures, but I feel I still could not capture the 'moment' was beautiful...cant calm... Still want to share a bit of it...

btw...I am definitely try kayaking in ocean..Do I need permit for that?

And here is the main part...My wife enjoyed the most...few clips taken by her P & S camera...and then I edited a bit....Recently I am not trying to find where I kept my camcorder :P

And here are few moments of the trip...I guess this album is having maximum number of photos in my gallery :) !!

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