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Andrew Jackson State Park

25th June 2011, we had a weekend trip to Andrew Jackson State Park, south carolina. This was our first trip in our latest car VolksWagen Jetta.  We fell across this park accidentally, and discovered this beautiful picnic, and even camping spot.  With a lake in the center, The park provides lots of, swimming, boating(yes, they even have boats for rent)...We found a perfect picnic spot to spend a day out with friends.

During one of the trail walks by the lake, we found a spot where we got surrounded by a flock of ducks...we started feeding them some cheese balls..and they were enjoying such an extent that we found our packet getting empty!! [Yes, we know and we never feed wild animal/birds, but seems like these ducks are used to it, may be by the campers?!] So we decided to get out of there..but these ducks decided to follow us!! This was it for Dyuman..He got scared, and wanted to get back home...

We got some good clicks in this 2-hour time-frame...but it made our day end on a good note, and as we were leaving the park, we realised it was just Saturday, and that the weekend was still on!!! 

Jun 26, 2011 11:14 AM