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North Carolina and Virginia Coastal Region [Plan]

The Plan...

(1)Charlotte, NC, USA --> (2)Virginia Beach, VA, USA --> (3) Fisherman Islands National Wildlife Refuge --> (4) Virgina Beach --> (5) Nags Head, Outer banks --> (6) Charlotte, NC, USA
Approximate Driving Distance: 1000 miles Time: 2 days, 10 hours

The digits you can see are the stops...

Day 1: I'll kick off the trip from Charlotte early morning(around 6.00 am) on Saturday 5th September, and plan to reach Virginia Beach, which is around 6 hrs drive in the afternoon.  I'll roam around the beach for some hours, have a swim, maybe hire a cycle and ride around, have some lunch, and of course do some photography...and after lunch, I'll leave for another drive..but this time into the ocean!! Yeah, don't look surprised!!!  I'll drive through a tunnel bridge through the sea to Fisherman Island National Wildlife Refuge. After 1-2 hrs of photography, I'll drive back to Virginia and stay there for the night...
                       Destination (2 & 3) - Virginia Beach, Fishermans Island                                                                     Destination (5) - Nags Head, Outer banks 

Day 2: Get up early, much before sunrise, and drive down to the scenic view of nags Head, Outerbanks, and catch the sun rising...I'll spend few hours there, enjoying the view, the sea, the sound of the sea, and of course click a few...and after I've had my heart's full of clicks, I'll make my way back to mainland, and head back to Charlotte...of course, I'l spend the night in some hotel, enjoy dinner with few drinks, something to go along with seafood maybe...hmmm...already my mouth is watering...


Day 3: Not much planned, kind of buffer...The idle one would be.. get up late, and after a heavy breakfast, I'll make my way back, driving slowly, and reaching Charlotte, I'll take a long shower, and then....rush to my laptop to check out my pics... :)

Just wish me Good Luck!!! 

Updates: [8th Sept 2010] - You are looking at the plan, read the main article here.
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