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Myrtle Beach

Somehow my first week in Charlotte, NC, USA went very smoothly.  Of course, I was missing my lovely family in India. At times these travels are very frustrating, but it is a part of my career path. Anyways... the first few days was spent jetlagged, and once i got over it, the rest of the week, I was very busy setting up my machine, aquiring access permissions, badge, etc.
Friday afternoon I rented a car, got a volkswagen beetle, visited few malls (of course Walmart being the most important, you just can't avoid it), bought few neccessary items, just missed wine shop, had to grab a beer crate(these days trying to avoid beer, trying to lose some weight). Later, back at the guest-house, while browsing the location on google map, found the nearest beach, "Myrtle beach", less than 4 hrs drive.  And it was all set!! The next day, we(2 colleagues, Amit, Mayank n myself) will be going to Myrtle beach...

Saturday, 7th August 2010, we woke up late, and as planned, we left around 11.00 am, reached there by 5pm. On the way, we had taken 2/3 breaks for breakfast, beer, and so many other things, We were all in a lazy mood. We also had  a tough time finding the beach, were roaming around beach area but taking wrong turns more than once.
Once there, we took all in...Huge waves, at least 7-8 feet high, were crashing to the shore.  I clicked a few then packed my gear back in the car, then jumped into the ocean. Wooow...I think I just love it!!! It's the first time ever that I was experiencing waves more than my height, so strong, if you fail to tackle it properly, it'll just crash you onto the shore, your balance will go off. A wave actually forced one of my colleague n make him somersault twice. He was frustrated and his reaction was "Haaaahhh....Mein ja raha bahar" means "I am just going out" in pissed off tone ...hahaha!
I could not get oppotunity to photograph much...While trying with different 'White Balance' settings, got this one, I hope you ll like it. There are lotta lovely houses/resort/villa just next to the beach and background cloud is making it much nicer.
For few minutes we were planning to stay for the night (my main intention was to take sunrise photo, after long time I was in a east coast beach), but dropped off the plan later. We drove back to Charlotte, reached around 2am morning. The main problem with this route is, there is very little or practically no freeway. The road goes through few counties & towns, which accounts for longer time than the actual 180 miles distance takes to drive!

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Aug 12, 2010 10:17 AM