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Carolina Raptor Center

This week I visited Carolina Raptor Center( thought of getting into wild life photography. But as it is always like...a very hyped usual american 'thing' a few birds were kept in cage...I hate taking photos when animals r kept in cage...Anyways..there were few shows ( they call it program) and u can take photos of the animal in open...i attended few...But I like this one...As if I told him that ...India is going to win next world cup cricket and yuvraj will be player of the tournament!
                    © Debjyoti Das. All rights reserved

Created on - Aug 29, 2010 1:53 PM
                                             © Debjyoti Das. All rights reserved
The bald eagle, America's National bird. Hazy shade around his neck is actually super blurred fence (it was inside). These birds are really big...I heard these were declared endangered long back...and people worked hard to bring them back to existence.


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