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How to burn a car engine

Louisville city was the best city I lived in USA, the city gave me a lot, the project was cool, and lotta old friends, periodic party/gettogether with loads of fun.

After 2 yrs, when Devina & Dyuman left to India, I went back to bachelorhood & started sharing apartment with good friends...Mady, Nishad, Guru & Balu.

One fine Saturday, got up early (by 9am), took a long shower, no need to mention that our room mates start getting up by 12 noon onwards on Saturdays...Anyways....just came out from my room and about to find Nishad car keys to go to nearby shopping mall to buy something for family, friends....Suddenly Mady came in between...and asked ..."Kidar ja rahe?" in his madrasi style. "Shopping buy some gifts.." I replied....He said..."Areee we are going to Edinburgh Factory outlet..." Why u r going to local shopping mall...Comm on! We will have fun!" ...Just FYI,  Edinburgh is around 80 miles from Louisville, KY and we are bachelors!!!

Now What?!! I took the "brave" decision to accompany my dear friends...waited...till they got up...

After having breakfast, we left for Edinburgh. Next in this story book...

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