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Brown County

Brown County State Park is Indiana's largest state park. Located 1 hour from Indianapolis, it is also known as Little Smokies. When we went to the Brown County State Park, the peak season had already gone by. It was a little bit too cold to be able to enjoy, but we still made the most of our single day trip!!! The park has a nature center in which a snake exhibit, bird-watching room and other displays are housed. But we were there mostly for the fun, for our group, consisting of 18 persons, including 4 kids were bent upon beating the cold weather!

So, after having potluck at one of the many picnic areas of the park, we went off hiking along the bank of one of the lakes for a photo session. The view was breath-taking, and though there were more fallen leaves than fall colours, we got some very good pictures. Afterwards, we decided to start a game of rugby, where both ladies & the guys were playing was so much fun!!! The ladies showed lots of capacity and were as good as us guys at the game!!! After around an hour of playing, we decided to go to another point and click some more while we still had some light. But it soon became cloudy and with the sun hidden behind those grey clouds, the temperature took a downfall, and everybody started shivering...that was sign that it was time to return ended a very good day spent with friends...

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