Dyuman has always been "an outdoor kid". HE likes playing outside, be it at the play park, or just run around, collecting pebbles, or sticks for that matter. For him, what matters the most is that he should not be stuck within four walls & a roof. So, during our stay at Alpharetta, we were lucky to have enough space behind our apartment, where Dyu could spend hours playing all by himself. We spent lots of time taking morning & evening walks, and whenever it was not too hot, or raining, we used to go right behind our apartment, where the active little boy he is, he had fun watching out for birds, sqirrels, or just running between the trees. Sometimes, on weekends, we would go out and just watch him have a blast, and spend some of his energy.
At times he would demand that we go out, and then, whether we like it or not, we had to go out what we termed as our private "backyard".