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Dyuman's First Laptop

Dyuman just loves laptop, always tries to find some way to touch(hit) papa's or mamma's laptop. After discussing and arguing over it, dad finally decided to get the little guy his very own personal laptop. The day dad got it for him, Dyuman was very pleasantly surprised. At first, he thought it was just another normal toy, and couldn't wait for daddy to open it up for him.
When daddy finally opened up the package, and he saw the lappy, his joy had no bounds..he started dancing around, stomping, screaming, and laughing...It was his dream finally come true.
For the next few days, he wouldn't part from it; the minute he'll get up from bed, he'll switch it on & off & switch it on again, and drive us both crazy by pressing all the buttons, without even understanding what he's supposed to do with it. He just knows that mommy & daddy sit with their laptops on their laps, and he'll do the same, typing things...only, he could not understand why his laptop has a small screen, unlike those of mom & dad, and why its not colourful, nor can play songs.
Nevertheless, Dyu loves his laptop, and he shows it off to anyone who bothers to look. That is, till the next interesting & interactive one comes along!!!