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Dyuman's Friends

Dyuman's first friends are Adri(short for Adrienne) and Amaan. They are the first friends Dyuman had in US. Both Amaan and Adri were older than Dyuman, the former by 4 months, and the latter by 6 months, but they bonded with each other so well that we started going out to the play-park, set up meeting to go to the pool, or the library together. While both Dyuman & Amaan were both rowdy, and fighting all the time, Adri was a quiet little angel, a well-behaved little girl who could speak french.
It is just so cute to see kids playing together; though none of them could speak(Adri was the only one who was sayign few words at that time), it is just awesome how they would play along together, understanding what the other wants to do, and despite the occasional fights between them, or the possessiveness when it came to sharing the toys with the others, the three of them made a wonderful threesome...

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