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Dyuman's First Birth Day

Every parent wants to celebrate his kid's first birthday in a 'grandiose' style. We had also wanted the same for Dyuman. We dreamt of a big birthday bash, big cake, lots of kids, some entertainers, etc... But unfortunately, all this did not happen, at least not for his first birthday. Having just moved to the States, we
realised, few weeks before Dyuman's birthday, that we didn't have any friends yet. We were sad that our son will not be having the party we wanted him to have.
But then, we decided that we would make it special for him. We invited over few of Deb's colleagues, and though there were no kids at the party, we al behaved like kids. Mommy put up some decorations & balloons, and prepared snacks and a feast, and finally, it turned out to be an enjoyable party. Dyuman was the centre of attention, and he liked getting gifts, and opening them. He couldn't understand that it was his birthday, but he totally made the most of it, putting his finger into the cake before cutting it; and the funniest of all...putting it on his face...even thinking about it makes me smile...