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Dyuman Growing up...

Its raining outside, 23rd May 2008...Was thinkin to write something on Dyuman for quite long time...This would be the best time as he is taking his noon nap.
Its so surprising, how fast a child grows up...Here we are, as parents, taking care of a little bundle, and soon, he's walking and running all around... with a mind of his own. Dyuman is just that...the moment he turned one..we knew that we'll have to run and catch up with him. Not only has his energy level increased, but he has a way around the fact he makes sure always to get what he wants..especially with his daddy. Big D just can't say 'NO' to his little boy...
In the past few months, a lot have happened. Dyuman has made huge progress both in terms of growth, and development. For one, the moment he gets up, he asks for his "buushh"(toothbrush). But his brushing session does not take place in the
bathroom. Instead its in front of the televion set, watching his most favorite morning show "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". He even gets up to do the "hot dogs" dance which comes at the end of the show. other favorite cartoons he likes to watch are Tom & Jerry and Spongebob Squarepants.
At 18 months, Dyuman not only has a character of his own, but many times he has the last word. for instance, he just hates taking naps...and however we try to put him down for a nap in afternoons, most of the times, we end up back in the living room, watching tv, and playing with him, or outdoor. He is what we can an outdoor kid, who seems to enjoy whatever every single minute he gets to play. His dad usually takes him behind the apartment to play, and sometimes to do some photo sessions(one of daddy's passions). And if, sometimes we forget to take him out, or if it's raining and we can't go out, then Dyuman is the most kranky kid int he neighbourhood!!! He gets very upset, and starts throwing tantrums...and that's when we got to know that even 18 months-old toddlers can throw tantrums. And what tantrums!!!
Unlike many kids I know, Dyuman enjoys his bath time. In fact, he can spend hours in the bath tub, as long as the water remains warm...he absolutely hates cold water. He is one of those kids who absolutely love playing in the tub; he doesn't need any enticement nor colorful bath. he just loves splashing around in the water. He just lies down on his tummy, as if he's trying to swin...and splashes anybody around him with water...and his giggles can be heard all through the house. He doesn't even cry when he's having his hair shampoed...he just goes with the flow, and hates it very much when his bath-time is over, and he's taken out and wrapped into his bath towel....
Dyuman has always loved music. Even as a baby, when I used to sing to him,
he used to smile, and his eyes would brighten up. But now, his interest has raised to another level. Now he actually listens to music, and loves dancing along with it. Be it rock, hip-hop, bollywood music..and, believe it or not, even ghazals, his feet start tapping at the sound of them. In fact, almost every evening, father and son have a session of dance. Dyuman's daddy will put on some popular Bollywood songs, and both of them will rock to their tunes. One of Dyuman's favorite songs is from movie Lakshya "Mein aisa kyon hu", where he'll raise both hands in the air and try to create his own steps, which, surprisingly are on-beat. Another one of his all-time favorite song is "Yo! my love" from movie Partner. As his parents, we believe that he has a a special attraction to music, and dance, and we do plan to encourage him in this domain. When he'll be little older, we plan for him to pursue dance, or instrumental music as a hobby.