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Dyuman, our strength, is what the French refers to as “un enfant précoce”. His ever-lasting charming smile gave him the name of ‘smiley’ baby of Prasun Dham. Belonging to the Aries Zodiac sign, Dyu possesses all the traits of those born under that sign.

Even at such a small age, he shows the characteristics of being an Aries: adventurous, impulsive, impatience, independence, active and full of excitement. He spends most part of the day, not to mention a considerable number of hours at night trying to lure his mummy and papa into playing with him. This merely shows one facet of his naughty character. And dare we show reluctance in playing with him, then comes the domineering side…literally pulling us out of bed till we finally consent to do as he wishes…
As yet, Dyuman hasn’t had the time to make too many friends. But he does have one with whom he spent quite a lot of time in his infancy before moving to Philadelphia. The memory of their playtime always bring a smile to my lips…Even now I can picture the two of them pulling each others’ hair...though at that time, they didn’t have much of it!!! It was always a miniature version of a wrestling competition, with one sitting on the other’s back, pulling hairs, and punches and kicks thrown around.
As a parent, I was both amused and worried about this behavior…but soon other moms assured me that this was just a phase of the growing-up process.
Dyu’s Favorite Times
Dyu is the kind of kid who takes pleasure in everything he does. One thing he enjoys a lot is his bath time. No matter how grouchy he might be, the moment he sees the bathtub being filled, he breaks into a huge smile. This is the time when he enjoys himself the most, like a fish in water. He’ll splash water everywhere such that not only the bathroom,
but everybody around is drenched. Another blissful moment for Dyuman is when his papa returns from office. The expression on his face is to be seen - it’s one of extreme joy – when he hears the sound of the key being turned inside the lock. Both of them enjoy this moment more than anything else. Not allowing daddy the time to freshen up, Dyu will run to him, and there begins another round of laughter and great enjoyment…But in all account, Dyu enjoys himself most when he’s playing with two of his best friends, namely mummy n papa. One if his favorite games is “peek-a-boo”. He also enjoys it a lot when momma sings nursery rhymes to him. His favorite is a French rhyme which goes like this:

Frappez Frappez petites mains
Tournez Tournez jolis moulins
Nagez Nagez petits poisons
Volez Volez jolis papillons

Last few months...

In the past one month, Dyu has evolved from a little explorer (crawler) to an expert trekker. He took his first step on February 23rd. Within one week, he became an expert, moving everywhere within the house. He goes into the closet, climbs on the chair, walks into the kitchen, back to his toys, sits himself up, plays for a while, puts it down and goes off walking somewhere else again. Mostly it is to the television set, or the kitchen where he knows his momma must be up to something.

And naturally, all these explorations come with countless number of knocks and falls. But they don’t in any way stop him. Within three weeks of walking, he started the inevitable…running around – and that too without any sense of direction - , and doing all sorts of ‘baby stunts’ which bring a rush of adrenalin into my blood!

Most definitely an outdoor kid, this guy shows signs of irritation and frustration if he’s kept indoor for too long. He shows signs of grumpiness, outbursts of anger by pulling hairs, and crying for no particular reason. But the moment he’s taken out for a walk- even if it’s for 5 minutes – he brightens up.